Preferred Stock

Chesapeake has the following preferred stock issuances outstanding:

Cumulative Convertible 4.5%
Date of original issue 9/14/2005
Number of shares outstanding 2,558,900
Par value per share $0.01
Liquidation preference per share $100
Annual dividend per share $4.50
Dividend record dates 3/1; 6/1; 9/1; 12/1
Dividend payment dates 3/15; 6/15; 9/15; 12/15
Redeemable by Company? No
Conversion rate per share 2.4561
Conversion price per share $40.7152
When convertible by holder? anytime
Conversion price adjustment:  
Dividend threshold amount
Conversion price floor
Mandatory conversion at Company's option only if, for 20 trading days (including the last trading day of such period), the closing price of Company's common stock exceeds 130% of conversion price (currently $52.92976)
Mandatory conversion date on or after 9/15/10
Listed on NYSE? Yes
NYSE Symbol CHK Pr D
CUSIP - RegS n/a
CUSIP-144A n/a
Unrestricted CUSIP 165167842